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CooMeet Review @ TheCamDude

CooMeet is an adult video chat site that works as a sex dating site. It’s basically a chat roulette set up that brings you face to face with random people. The big problem is that you can’t choose who you talk to, or even which gender you get. You’ll be randomly linked up with someone, no matter what you’re actually looking for. It’s kind of pointless to use it as a dating site, like they advertise, when you can’t even choose between men or women. There’s no way to disable the video feature and use Coo Meet strictly as a text chatting platform.

The best thing about CooMeet is that you won’t have to deal with any public rooms. Anytime you talk to someone, it’s always one on one. There seems to be a lot more men than women, so it’s not going to work very well for a guy seeking a girl. You also can’t use it if you don’t have a web cam. If you’re using your desktop without a cam, the site is strictly off limits to you. The best thing to do is use your mobile device to access it.

Overall, the CooMeet.com site works pretty well. It’s fast and there are no ads to deal with. Thera are also very few spammer or trolls using it. Most of the users seem to be genuinely interested in talking to people. It can be a great way to meet people from all over the world. Just don’t expect to be able to choose someone who shares your interests. It’s just a chat roulette site that links you to anyone that it wants to. There’s also no app. If you’re on your phone, you’ll have to use the mobile site through your browser.

Chat with your cam to know exactly who you’re talking to
You can switch to a new person any time you want
All video chat is one on one

No way to chat without video
No way to choose the gender of the other person
Can’t choose who you talk to

CooMeet can be fun if you enjoy chat roulette. If you want to chat about specific topics, you’re best off going somewhere else. You can’t choose who you talk to, or even their gender. You get randomly sent to people and you can decide if you want to talk or move on. The site labels itself as a dating platform, but it all falls flat if you can’t choose who you talk to. It can be fun if you want to check it out and talk to random people. If you’re after what they claim to offer, you’re not going to find it.